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Be apt to is used guide means to encourage the child to acknowledge a mistake
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Want to understand the child why to to agree to acknowledge a mistake, must be discussed from the level such as the breeding means of his age, acknowledge and parent. When ability is not worth child acknowledge, dispute is insufficient also to bad idea, relatively, commit easily a lot of pass involuntarily. And the state of mind of parent itself, and adopts educational method, also can affect the attitude after the child errs.

Want to make baby darling and acknowledge a mistake, be afraid of the proper pride that hurts him again however? Want be apt to to use only lead way, you also can teach a good child that is brave in to acknowledge a mistake!

Acknowledge a mistake = learns to know a fault

"Xiaoming, you broke father's glass, say quickly to I am sorry! " average parent errs in the child when, often hope his instantly can admit mistake, but such idea is completely incorrect. No matter the child is inadvertently or err painstakingly, parents answers dug its behavior reason, opportunity, age and acknowledge are enough, amend content again from inside the mistake. The parent should know the child after all the fault is in, be not the show of words and deeds that sees him only, and should emphasize at its backside meaning.

Acknowledging a mistake should be to let the child " the society knows a fault " , and from understanding the fault arrives admit a fault, the narrate in detail among is very important. Parent appropriate guides with proper way, the self-confident heart that just won't let the child is damaged, or it is to negative image intervenes. Drop about with the child the cup is exemple, after incident happening, the parent should hold him in arms first, tell him: "Father loves you, but father should let you understand this is how to return a responsibility. You lose a mug, be because is the mood bad,? Still want to play it, try test glass child firm solid? " the hug that offers the child warmth first, guide him to speak behavior motive slowly again, let him know the fault is not represented bad, it is bearing of this words and deeds is not allowed only, impertinent perhaps.

Acknowledge a mistake manner of breeding means VS

1, authority type

When child err thing, if the parent adopts comminatory means to treat him, the child will be afraid, fear to get the penalty of father mother, dare not admit his mistake more consequently. Lu Wen month shows, the child that grow leaves in power train means, major conference escapes his error, the meeting after thinking of to acknowledge a mistake because of them suffers severity accusing, the heart gives birth to fear, choose to conceal or lie.

2, doting type

The family is general now it is double firewood is made, the parent is busy at ordinary times, be too busy to accompany the child, because this most has mentality of a kind of compensation, ask to child place, always do his utmost to satisfy, make the little baby in the home became inordinate small Xiang Yu the Conqueror. Once the parent mothered the child, when his err thing, choose indulgent or the doting means of turn a blind eye to, the child falls in the circumstance that does not feel he is wrong, not was willing to acknowledge a mistake more of course. Xu Zhengdian expresses, if the parent adopts doting type education, can let the child become not was the same as manage heart quite, easier promiscuous his dispute viewpoint of value, when parents does not have method to be amended immediately to wrong action, the child is easy one fault is again wrong, become " know a fault to cannot change " individual character.
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