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Aid the child to had gone smoothly lift first excessive period
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After entering high school, the pupil learns to become the mainstream gradually independently, teacher criterion from " handgrip hand " the part is retreated reside second line. China division is old Tian Wei of vice director of department of student of 2 attached middle school says, unripe meeting feels Gao Yixue apparently each course difficulty increases high school, education ponders over ability multidimensionally independently very helpful to high school study.

Error one

Holiday is mad play too loosen

"Sufferred from into high school, take an examination of should take the advantage of summer vacation to play more.

" embracing such idea, many students play in holiday mad, two months do not feel book. Accordingly, try to find out the real intention in the first time that takes high school the student that be bungled is taken an examination of to be absent in taking an examination of a few. Tian Wei says, if average branch is junior high school 70 minutes to arrive 80 minutes, the average cent that exam of high school first time reachs 50 minutes 60 minutes is constant some thing.

It is very important to be loosened appropriately in holiday, but accurate high school gives birth to the position that should hold study and energy, turning over the note that turns over junior high school and textbook nonskedly is good method, the student that also can seek high year chats, know high school life beforehand.

Error 2

Tall one course learns first

Drive do not drive evening early, be inferior to taking the advantage of holiday to attend high school course. Tian Wei says, actually, begin to go up in holiday tall one course, not be the good method that raises study. "The study of junior high school or knowledge impart give priority to, if the child still learns with this kind of means, although groom in the summer vacation time of high strenth,fall short-term inside study result is remarkable, but his study ability did not rise truly. " Tian Wei suggests, get on new tax with its, the student is inferior to increasing read, develop the ability of ego study. The vocabulary of high school English asks to will increase greatly, accurate high school is unripe can accumulate bit of vocabulary more, read simplified edition of a few English famous book for instance, or student English the press.

Error 3

View is too narrow do not have definite idea

Study of junior high school is paid attention to imitate, but the study of high school, although you carry textbook on the back completely, also mastered at most 60% measure to the knowledge of 70% . Tian Wei says, high school student should relax oneself eye shot, besides paying close attention to society and the thing beside more, due still study definite idea, even if the has the result subject that has become, also can think again actively: Why to want so do, still have other solution the method.
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