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How does parents drop for the child that burns in fire of be jealous of fire
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The expert ever discovered, the baby of some insufficient one full year of life should see the mother is in when other baby lactation, also can appear the heartbeat is accelerated, complexion tide is red wait for nervous reaction, cry even be troubled by rise. And when be brought up 56 years old to the front of school age, envious meeting promotes heart often. As to after going to school, because undertake with the child a variety of " quite " opportunity abruptly grow in quantity, they may suffer more envious torment, it is the growth as the age only, learn gradually " conceal " oneself envious feeling.

Nevertheless, great majority is 10 years old of the following children still can show more apparent envious sentiment, although know very well this not glorious.

If you slightly advertent, with respect to not difficult discovery: Some children can be won because of adjacent desk a small safflower or be praised by Laoshi and downhearted; Or cast when game to young associate medium the ball feels unhappy; Or best to oneself friend puts on good-looking new clothes indescribable be troubled Yu Huai...

Sitanbeige's statistic still shows: Be in not only the girl, and in the boy, envious all very common (and before the view is boy breadth of mind opener) ; Jealous boy or girl friend often is the relationship is closer with desk, good friend even the brotherly sister with age about the same photograph; Often the children of envious other, mostly disposition is barpque, do not consider be eager to make progress, little also friend. Generally speaking, envious heart is dark, deformed, it may destroy reason, die out conscience, screwy character, pollute the soul. Accordingly, when once discover the child,showing jealousy, you must do your best guide, help him learn to face the envious sentiment with him dredge.

For " fire of be jealous of drops in temperature " 5 big subtle move:

1 , not criticism, satiric.

Show when the child give its " deformed " when envious heart, do not father as the parent add criticism to censure, more do not want fleer, because this can make the child loses self-respect morely only, finally more severely in the abyss of misery of body defect jealousy hard extricate oneself.

More reasonable should be to the method, feign holds unmindful ground envious to causing him " setting " try to understand through the inquiry, tone is moderate, and the face brings a smile.

2, silent listen attentively to.

Might as well in adopting the child in the bosom, listen attentively to his feeling quietly next. He perhaps can be depicted say, he is experiencing intense discomfort is indignant even, and because a his young associate just obtained a brand-new toy bicycle,the origin of this kind of hostile mood is only, right now you do not console say " then I also buy a more good-looking bike to you " , because this is below most circumstance not only at job of no help, and what cause him badly possibly still is concupiscent and vie desire.
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