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Skin of the Xiaolai in facing the home " No " go up together with the hug
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Wen Wen sits on sofa, playing his aerial darling wholeheartedly, "Civil, quickly, did not play, should go going up nursery school. " mom is crying aloud.

"I do not go nursery school, I had said yesterday, you do not buy salty egg to me preterhuman I do not go nursery school. " Wenwen is saying toughly.

"Wen Wen is good, the toy crosses mom two days to be able to be bought to you, we go up first nursery school! " mom's mood has been entreated approximately.

"I said not to go, when do you give me a salty egg preterhuman buy, when do I go nursery school. " say to throw the aerial darling that playing on the ground at the same time by the side of Wen Wenyi, go walking with the foot, walk to cry at the same time at the same time, "You look, I did not have even aerial darling now, you must buy new toy to me! You must buy new toy to me!!

Wen Wen of 5 years old's idiomatic in the home action type is " rascally old law " , want parents not to arrange his intention a bit only, he gives work of his act shamelessly god with respect to put to good use: Lower his head to play his toy, niminy-piminy to you; Otherwise cries to be troubled by greatly greatly; Make a scene even throw the thing in bad home... anyhow does not amount to purpose swear not to stop namely. How is there a such rascally child to you can do in the home? How to use accurate method to refuse, avoid to cause the harm on affection to the child again at the same time? This asks parents distinguishs according to different mood of the child treat. What you disapprove of the movement that makes your child understanding certain and specific, behavior, this are very important to each parent.

One, face small rascally, say stoutly please " not " .

"Mom, I want toy of that Little Bear! " , " mom, I even that Aoteman! " ... 3 years old strong strong arrived toy store, demoniac like want east should on the west, mom is indocile his requirement, he goes back on his word to cry greatly on the ground cry, extremely use up can your mom is embarrassed. Use both hard and soft tactics of mom of at one's convenience, fine words says, also be useless. Finally still is mom bow one's head surrenders, the heart is unwilling affection does not wish ground at one's convenience its " blackmail " .

Parent psychology:

Believe a lot of young mother had encountered afore-mentioned scenes: The requirement that the child raises must get satisfaction, otherwise they with respect to roughhouse, no matter how be persuaded,do not act well. Parents begins be different idea, but see the child is blubber softhearted, in the child this kind " cry, 2 be troubled by " the requirement that they satisfied below menace.

Right way:

1. The requirement of divisional child is reasonable, to unreasonable requirement of the child, the parent should say sober, determined and sensibly " not " , no matter how the child cries,be troubled by also do not compromise.
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