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How to caress the child in adversity correctly
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"Hope children will have a bright future " it is the each parents hope to children, the problem that how teachs good child is attached most importance to especially should. The education with too tight surelysubject sb to discipline can make only child at sb's beck and call, letting things drift is irresponsible to the child expression. Teach way what kind ofly after all, can ability make the child healthy grow?

They knew adamancy in difficulty

Small Bin is born in countryside of level ground of Si of Xing classics county, graduate to high school from elementary school, his homework is obtained year after year " actor " , achievement discharges the name of just a little in Xing classics county and even class of whole town the same year all the time.

"I like to learn, read a book, in the book I always can find the knowledge that the hope gains. " small Bin grows in lone family, as a child by father one person him drag is big. To the child of a lot of lone families, the how many meeting in the heart has some of shadow, small Bin says sensibly however: "Father is too painstaking, to make I and other child euqally happy, father should be paid more than anybody. Father should be paid more than anybody..

Come 18 years, small Bin crosses the most expensive clothes and shoe also with respect to a few yuan of money, had not left eating house even. But, see other child wears name tag, eat cate, small Bin never asks actively what to cross to father. The money that father gives, he always is hated to part with with, until celebrated a festival just put long money to be taken, buy a gift to father.

"He is not the study that imagines like everybody ' talent ' , what what he obtains is successful, the 99% effort that come from oneself. " the high school classmaster of small Bin says so, small Bin likes amuse oneself with all children, get online, play basketball he likes, but the achievement that he can maintain good first and last however. This child that knew adamancy early knows, only intellectual ability changes his destiny, he should also must use good time, him conquer.

In elegant one in the Xiaohan that read lives in view of pluvial the city zone to turn country, everyday, he classeses are over come home should build a car to arrive first view change, be on a road of half hours again next. However, below so difficult condition, when junior high school graduates, small Han Yi is whole school of country of pluvial the city zone " in one's deceased father the first " achievement was walked into elegant one in. "On study, he is a more comprehensive student, quite sensible. A lot of pupils are learning to need teacher, parent supervise and remind ceaselessly, and to Xiaohan, what teachers often say to him is ' should notice to rest, the life wants to catch up with, fasten too managing ' . " of Xiaohan first, high school teacher evaluates him so.

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