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Growing experience of the child cannot leave an experience
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Today, the psychological world of a lot of children makes desert by wasteland, because they perhaps never have rarely,pass namely " I can go " experience. Our father mother because all sorts of " love " reason, and the experience that makes the child lost a lot of experiences and opportunity. Parents because be afraid that the child is flyblown the dress and do not let the child play outdoors activity and game, because of be afraid of flyblown floor and never let the child do wash the bowl, daily household duties that picks food, because be afraid that the child falls, game when get hurt or affect a bacterium and prevent the child to grow a flower to plant careless, dig insect, tread water is depression, more some young father mother the fair maiden to rear the child as a child, gent is temperamental, and the activity that declines all meetings to bring besmirch.

Secret of expert of global besmirch research makes clear in Australian investigation, 10% what Australian children spends the time on outdoors activity to be less than leisure time now. Among them the children of 5% never participates in outdoors activity. The children of major Australia spends more and more time to watch TV in the home, DVD film, computer game. Although suffer for the most part visit parents to state they hope the child participates in more socialization and physical training in the school, but parents are flyblown to the child their little hand is accepted quite hard however, although this is right the child's health and progress are good. According to the investigation of secret, of this kind of extensive existence " clean child disease group " , because parents worry the child's safety,be firstly, because clean the trouble of child clothings,be secondly.

Whether had parents thought, when we recollect him childhood to live, those who remember profundity is not which the exam got 100 minutes, however the thing that oneself had experienced personally, oneself are designed personally, has participated in activity. Oneself " secretly " those businesses that do, it is favour or naughty thing no matter, if oneself think,work only, love works, work, is the metropolis lifelong do not forget? This is an experience. If because of besmirch such bagatelle and the opportunity that makes the child loses a lot of experiences, that as good as is opposite then a kind of happy plunder that ought belong to the child. You can imagine the child some day that becomes you recalls his childhood, have many only however A dream and sonic boy? Development of case of woman of only son of a city considers to discover, corporeal condition is advantageous " small sun " people, lack successful experience unexpectedly, because they do a lot of things,the right of affection was stripped by the parents with infinite love. The experience of practice is right of a person grow crucial.

For minor to child, the experience that successful experience wants to compare failure is more main. Because, you do not run, how knowing is how slow; You do not fly, how experiencing crawl again is how painstaking! To the parent, if you love the child really, the first time that is about to help the child realize other to be born " I can go " experience, is not to let him be in " I am no good " be brought up in state of mind. Successful foundation is self-confident, crying " I can go " grown child, ability should be carried on the back more than far for certain " I am no good " the child with grown package. We experience in help child " I can go " when, some problems need to cause take seriously. One, failure is experience, but should put idea and eye in the play house on the success, it is child experience society, coordinate ego and other and individual efficient way, the child carries the game of this kind of type, learn different domestic member role, learn the communication with other and compromise, the joyance that is affirmed and society are tasted how to accept failure first.
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