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Foster the child to work as a child systimatic
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Be in 3 ~ 6 years old the child of age level, the optional sex of psychological process is very strong, ego control ability is poorer, often a thing did not finish to wanting to do another thing again, appear work desultorily, devoid consecution. The child answers nurturance works orderly good convention, the education of the nurturance of this kind of habit and parents is be closely bound up.

1, build system of sound work and rest

The life that has the law is to foster the child to work systimatic fundamental premise. Parents should be mixed according to age characteristic of the child domestic condition, get up everyday, sleep, do the game, time that sees cartoon, study and housework to be secured. When teaching the child to work, it is clear to must be explained go doing what business, how has ability done this thing, should note some of what problem. Accomplish a requirement to make clear, the examination is seasonable.

2, education child works to be used to systematically

Parents should take care observation child at any time, see him work to whether have order, know what to do first, next redo what. Pass observation, if discover this respect ability differs the child, should point out to him instantly come, no matter what do,tell him the thing wants to be finished by measure, finish redo of a thing another thing. If a lot of things want to do, must arrange good order first. Be like on Sunday, parents raises which a few issues to the child must want to do, let him child arrange the thing that can allow him to will be done with the picture to reach next express orderly early or late. Ground aggrandizement as time passes works to be used to systematically with respect to meeting nurturance.

3, parents wants set an example

Common saying says: Call broken a confusion of voices child, be inferior to making appearance. Parents should teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution, set oneself an example to others, do everything to want to show a kind of strong sense of responsibility, the manner that works with be in charge of treating seriously affects the child, be like active when the home works diligent, systimatic, dirty clothes does not fill in to be put in disorder in disorder, change wash, before going to work, always clear away the room orderly etc, establish good example for the child. Education child works systimatic it is a lengthy process, want parents to hold to a requirement only, relapse aggrandizement, ceaseless drive tries to supervise and urge guide, can make child nurturance works systimatic good convention.