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My understanding to family education - family education inside
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Existing forever it seems that between family education and parent a kind diaphragmatic, do its very hard really perhaps complete with after all. However always also should some of rule can be searched, oneself are one has experience of rich family education, quite as harmonious as domestic appearance place, the advantage that borrowing his again at the same time is news department been able to have interviewed family education to always act as agent to be opposite thereby family education intermediary also know a little about. It is truly important to think his think his now do not be the person's hep a few things and everybody to share again, if how the parent differentiates with the teaching in home that finds best show and to it friendly get along cooperate, the operation of behind the curtain of intermediary of so called family education is how to differentiate above all etc: Undeniable is current be being put in family education of quite a few really basically is for earn money and and the achievement of student of not very attend to, the feature with this kind of the most apparent family education is accompanied namely read property- - unprepared class unthink. Unprepared tax looks to know to be opposite before family education the bottom is done not have in what teaching content the heart, make a move treats one condition, deceive has passed two hours. Unthink is behaved again teach to take no account of what how have specific aim according to student characteristic circumstance to apply, communicate with the student, the plan that improves result certainly, namely two ear do not hear student thing, of one mind counts family education money only. Be like can sufficient understanding conversely student circumstance, to it harmonious communicate and the plan that methodical closes to its improve result and already perfectly, if oneself has an outstanding study,the method tries to guide student of calm in season to be benefited blame is shallow. Another serious problem is how to search: I dare comparative certainly the undergraduate with one outstanding share did not make teaching in home, not be they do not think actually, the mainest is intermediary it is their only way, but intermediary Fei Zhigao makes them flinch again. The parent can rely on intermediary exclusively also only it seems that, this gave intermediary to seek profit the opportunity of tyrannize, also be the live path with visit real estate of course. Here accordingly I raise a good proposal to everybody: Each are big the college has portal website, forum, there basically can be a part-time job inside of edition piece, information of free family education is released to seek good family education quite likely over, and what the hit that family education holds two or more posts concurrently comparatives is tall, what if have,introduce in school undergraduate of course is better, the measure that can differentiate before leave out, because this one pace often needs,accumulate for long and deserve to be assessed with achievement. After finding, be how to cooperate each other: Existing likewise in this actually the problem of mechanism of drive of a similar industry, pressing hope gets a good teacher to be respected to the parent's self-identity, compare the heart the heart, who is willing to compare a family member to return relative person exert all one's strength to regard his as, and the parent needs to warm in the teacher's journey, to be cold only care a little on the mainest item most, I want to do not have which teacher to meet not of exert to one's utmost, this is taller of the mental level of one class. Reward as to material indispensable also, with student of a basis becomes the deal between the teacher the promotive mechanism of accomplishment progress circumstance is quite desirable, actually you can discover to there are enterprise and employee mostly in this between get along, go up from some kind of meaning is why? - - you are employer he is employee

The true behind the curtain of again simple now attach intermediary operates: On the teacher's invite applications for a job they do not have a condition basically, I want to want the lawful citizen that is People's Republic of China only, basic won't by close the door on, because every teacher is necessary before becoming a member,pay many membership fee, family education is successful pay introductory fee even, calculate unsuccessful to also want to pay loss fee, they can let off the expense with these miscellaneous items again. Natural to avoid suspicion, they also should give the introduction student inside formulary deadline at least, their so largest issue is how to recommend the teacher go out, is not how to give the introduction best teacher, although go up from long-term development such not advisable, but sudden huge profits of the seek when enough is short. Not be all intermediary of course it is such, family education industry also is existing the common law that the industry grows: Sudden huge profits does not have industry regulation phase- - preeminent company a new force suddenly rises level- - industry maturity phase, and at present family education course of study is in the first phase, be in at least Ning Bo. Because length him problem did not say more again, dispute of family education trade is very much very sensitive, because this above viewpoint represents individual point of view only, if have incorrect, ask point out mistakes so that they can be corrected. At the same time oneself very pursue efficient study method, although also was not let off in the university, use university air instead the more characteristic between Yu Shi has learned deep, high school student of the following attach compares the study error that makes easily, hope to be able to be helped somewhat.
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