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The child most demand of wanted 10 kinds of spirit
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The corporeal option that parents can give the child now is increasing, but the child's most conceivable thing is not material only, return need:

The love of mother of the first father

This one gift to a lot of parents it is too simple gift, because, neither one parent is the child that does not love his.

But, the love that children want, not be parents replace everything be very fond of, not be everything docile and obedient doting, not be everything what be a center with the child is favorite, not be to do what intelligence invests desperately " care " . Children want the parent to come out the love expression to the child, even the parent gives them complete love.

The child faces a kiss before sleeping, when the child encounters difficulty, dab the hand of their shoulder head, a warm bosom when the child sufferred grievance, a greeting when the child comes home, still have " father mother loves you " expression. This is the means of the want love that tens of renown children that we interview express. Still a few children put forward: "Why cannot father mother be together, love me together? Love me together??

Expert proposal: China is the country of an exquisite and dark reservation, elder is not willing to profession oneself are right the child's love, but, children need the parent to speak out love to make. On the other hand: These year will reside the divorce rate that does not leave high to let a lot of children lose complete love again all the time, serve as the parent to should create an opportunity to let the child can enjoy complete love as far as possible. Xugu4

The 2nd respects my individual figure please

Dress up the child into a thing that the cruel elder brother, parents that beautiful younger sister is now are willing to do very much, like the parent to give his the design as to children " pack " without giving thought to. The weakness that some parents always love to use him child goes comparing the advantage of others home child, what some parents always say him child before others is bad, and do not undertake praising to the child in public. Interview in ours in, the child that has 80% above expresses dissatisfaction to these behavior of the parent. The child also takes his individual figure seriously.

Expert proposal: Dress up to what your child suits their age, the child that lets you pursues a few matters independently, say next: "Do well! " before outer person, according to the facts complimentary oneself child.

The esteem of mother of the 3rd father

The secret the child should do jest to be told to others, parents cannot give normally to a few good deed of the child proper and seasonable praise, and the mistake to the child, always do not divide a circumstance to the ground censures overly and be mocked.

Expert proposal: The self-esteem of children values education to come out to its through parents. Esteem means you to must regard the child as unique " this one " , allow the child to develop his hobby and pursuit. Respect his individual character, what to want to be done for him advocate, extend big toe to the child more and not be forefinger.
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