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Credit of family education net inquires a system be about to finishing enable
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To grow weller for broad home, the teacher serves, net of peaceful wave family education developed family education credence to inquire a system, we will dog in detail each family education, be opposite according to the parent the teacher's evaluation, and angle of our oneself major examines, give a credence integratedly the mark. Net of every information family education will record the family education experience of the member in detail, the individual information that includes family education teacher (number of name, Id, telephone number) and the detailed information of the teaching in home that once had made, with the parent evaluation to the teacher. We serve those who perfect us content, raise service level. The connection means of the teacher number that provides through family education net, teacher, the parent can inquire the individual information that registers in the website to the teacher in the website, among them we tell Id undertake handling, concealed goes Id number.

At the same time if the teacher forgot the parent's connection means, or family education fails, the connection means that can log onto information to inquire the system examines the parent through his Id number and name and amount paying fee, the choice removes fee, need not lose trouble for bill receipt.

Family education credence inquires the system also is to be a system that chooses outstanding teacher, we the feedback according to the parent, establish outstanding teacher to recommend with blacklist, serious and apparent to family education effect, responsible, parent's satisfactory teacher gives recommend, do not be in charge of seriously to attending class, without time idea, cannot follow family education net in time to communicate according to the agreement quite, the teacher that defaults charge, we will include blacklist.

The system is being measured inside in, the near future is about to open.