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Family education of peaceful wave summer vacation is booked begin
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Family education of summer vacation of net of peaceful wave family education begins to book, become a few question and answer with respect to a few problems of everybody now

Ask: Still have left and right sides of a month to summer vacation, why should begin so early to book?
Answer: Summer vacation of elementary school, junior high school has a holiday to be in by June at the beginning of July, but average college is in the middle ten days of a month was taken an examination of in June, had a holiday, if did not find proper job, they came home early for certain, when the teacher searched harder July, and the possibility that find also fares badly.

Ask: If I am booked now, when to contact with us?
Answer: We can need according to yours, if you need to follow your contact immediately, we can arrange appropriate teacher to see with you discuss with sb face to face talks about detailed matters concerned as soon as possible, or you also can be arranged according to our unity, in June teacher of the arrangement at the beginning of July mixes the bottom you meet, we feel this time is righter.

Ask: I ask family education to the child, be it is good to ask on-the-job teacher family education, it is good to still ask undergraduate family education?
Answer: This should treat your specific condition, on-the-job teacher family education needs the child to come commonly, and a teacher can coach only a course, family education form also is a pair of much education, if you are hope summer vacation during, a teacher searchs to supervise and urge inside the time that he goes to work, the child that accompanies you, and can coach again the word of the homework of your child still should be an undergraduate more appropriate

Ask: The family education of what type can we provide?
Answer: We are OK the demand according to you, offer to you in school undergraduate man-to-man family education, on-the-job teacher is man-to-man family education, education of the bottom class in a kindergarten

Ask: How does summer vacation family education collect fees?
Answer: We offerIn school undergraduate family educationcollect fees commonly means is elementary school 20-25 yuan / 25-30 of hour junior high school yuan / 25-40 of hour high school yuan / hour; On-the-job teacher is man-to-man family educationrate is elementary school 50-80 yuan / 80-120 of hour junior high school yuan / 100-150 of hour high school yuan / hour (drift to teach with pedagogic qualification up and down the school is judge)Summer vacation includes lunar teaching in home: Elementary school 1500 yuan / lunar junior high school 1800 yuan / lunar high school 2000 yuan / live family education of and other places of more than Yao promotes lunar kind brook 10% on the foundation here (summer vacation family education makes 4 Xiaoshi calculate with every Nature's engineering, increase or reduce working hours additional plan)
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