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Move of network of peaceful wave family education is stationed in school delegat
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For better cooperate with each college student, net of peaceful wave family education is special invite applications for a job is stationed in school delegate a certain number of.
Specific requirement:
1, have certain experience, understand the particular operation technological process of family education intermediary, had better have family education medium from already check.
2, communication expression ability is outstanding, can communicate very well with parent student, have good attitude of attending to guests.
3, have certain concoctive capacity, can assist family education net to had done to engineer an activity every time.
4, humanness is honest, keep good faith, have certain classmate base, cannot enough be rich but cruel.
5, be born miserably preferential, propose heart person preferential.
Working duty:
1, the member of responsible development this school, undertake member attestation.
2, conduct business of relevant family education.
3, receive listen to the parent, classmate to refer a telephone call, hold the position of delegate of network customer service.
4, settle accounts of the expense that finish.
5, assist family education net to engineer an activity, submit plan.
Pay pay:
1, base salary deduct a percentage from a sum of money, have every months keep a copy.
2, offer certain bonus according to outstanding achievement.
3, enjoy family education net to organize an activity. (extend, short distance travels)

If you have fun at to this, transmit your data please: Cnnb@vip.qq.com (the dominant position that includes basic material and oneself)