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Yin state middle and primary school gives birth to free education to be enclothe
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Today is new term the first day, include high student of 13 thousand general to Yin state division inside 140 thousand middle and primary school says natively, the meaning is different from general. Begin from today, whole area implements 12 years of when acquire high school as a child free education formally. This still belongs to initiate in Zhejiang province.

Division of the state that occupy Yin teachs bureau statistic, after implementing 12 years of free education, the middle and primary school with this indebted area is unripe will reach 140 thousand person, finance throws 130 million yuan every year. According to active school rate, student of home town of city of a Yin learns one grade to arrive as a child high school, conceited educational expenses will reduce 15 thousand yuan or so.

Make according to this area " average high school teachs executive opinion freely " , the object of free education is: What register in this area is fair do, the student of Yin city home town that average high school reads run by the local people, be not free education object still to read the school to pay tuition; Free project is the tuition of average high school, govern on somebody's behalf cost, accommodation cost and " 3 be restricted to be born " choose school expends what charge still presses prices branch check and ratify to collect fees project and standard collection. According to statistic, be in at present Yin state division is public with run by the local people average high school has 13 thousand person with respect to read student, according to the rate with at present high general, every student can be avoided every year pay the tuition fee 2000 yuan reach 2300 yuan.

Yin state division begins to teach Duan Xuesheng to execute to Wu of 70 thousand name from December 2006 completely free, act of this one reform is banner the whole nation. Yin state division rolled out benefit civilian act again 2007: The area belongs to duty tall stop to carry out " state-owned run by the local people " managerial system, whole area secondary vocational school implements free education. In those days autumn, nearly 15 thousand office give birth to whole area high begin to enjoy " teach free meal " . Since new this year school year, free limits enlarges phase of general high education again.