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Suzhou tutoring links to facilitate communication between teachers and students
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Suzhou, Jiangsu Mobile "tutor" service recently in Wujiang Qi use. Passepartout, as home-school, online schools and other public welfare services, parents, an important complement to "tutor links" provide authority for the majority of parents, professional, timely, practical, rich educational information. "Tutoring links" with the authority of the teacher in the resource base Norm 
On that basis, through the establishment of a convenient MMS platform, direct notice to parents to provide educational activities, parent consultation hot, admission policies, examination information close to the actual needs of parents, information, dissemination of family education solutions.

It is understood that the business with two major advantages: first, authoritative content sources. "Tutor through" information mainly from the education authorities, parents, schools online, the backbone of school education, education, industry experts, including exclusive authority of the education authority's education policy, parents advice hot feedback, and Education News and other information; have Online schools offer parents the types of hot spot activity, Friendly reminder and other information; have provided the backbone of school education, tutoring classes, tutoring motto, tutor stories, jokes and other information Rambling tutor; the education industry experts to provide psychological counseling, mental health education and other information. Second, highly interactive online and offline. "Tutor through" integrated school for parents of current online telephone hotline functions, unified to "tutor through" hotline service users, parents can be on their concerns directly to the expert advice.