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One on one counseling is boring fight tutor getting touted by parents and stu
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To reduce costs, in all things pop, "fight" today, "fight tutor" also joined the ranks. Makes up a three to five students from the study group, and invite teachers to a common after school tutoring, so that both Reduce the cost of a tutor, but also improve student interest in learning, has been favorable for many parents Castle. "First day tutoring children in English, there is no fight with your parents tutor?" Tongan who lives in the vicinity of Mr. Chang recently posted on the Internet, looking for parents of children with the same need to form a study group together, common Invite a teacher outside school counseling for the children to come to tutor English lower costs. Mr. Zhang said his son just this year on the first day, English is not very satisfactory results, hoping to get a bit better about the teachers counseling, but the name But the higher the cost of tutor teacher, one class down as much as several hundred dollars will, Mr. Yu Shizhang think of the "fight Classroom" idea. Now they have found the three children of the parents have the same needs, "fight tutor" action has been Under way. As with Mr. Zhang, the "fight tutor" Ms. Sun said the idea of the public to find a tutor for the child's teacher is not an easy matter, coupled with the high cost of teacher, tight schedule, so the tutor "buy "Approach will make the problem can be solved. Ms. Sun's daughter is reading the first two days rong also said that" one to one "counseling more boring, if you find one or two classes with their peers, both the advantages of small classes, but also experience to each other Competition between the pressure to increase enthusiasm for learning. Castle is not only the parents understand that the "fight tutor" the benefits, there are many tutoring is also reflected by "fight" after the one hand, eliminating the need for the West home owner the trouble of running back and forth, on the other one-time teach more students, although Reduction in the cost per person on average, but in general revenue or a significant increase over the previous. This industry to remind the tutor "fight off" in your tutor and venue costs, the number of other issues, parents Should try to pay attention to good negotiation and signed the relevant agreements, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.