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Decoupling Orsay and college entrance examination
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Newspapers a few days ago, "Orsay winning students are no longer walks, even if the country is not the final line of the first prize." Hearing this news, I think in terms of primary, secondary, will cause uproar. As far as I know, our class in first grade, some students outside the school in Austria Language, Mathematical Olympiad, and now there are more students fourth grade school in the Austrian outside language, Mathematical Olympiad. Just think, a few are really interested in learning to do? On brand-name schools, universities, Orsay is stepping stone. Regardless of whether the parents a lot of interest in children, are forced to rush the child to learn language Austrian Mathematical Olympiad, the children were tossing fast "deformity" of the. Cancel Orsay walked qualifications, do not know the parents will see this message any ideas? I want instant success for those who may be a relief for parents, they do not want their children to this, Who Orsay linked it with the college entrance examination, and for our students is a liberation. No utilitarian Orsay, I think more students are free to develop, and this is the basic quality education.