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Top Ten Mistakes of Early Education easily overlooked
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Early Learning Error 1: between the fear of competition for children Story: stereotypes with his wife and children back home, when the big chat with the people to renew old friendships, the son and small partners into one of the play. Before long, his son came outside the garden to cry. Went out to look, because the little guy to know and others fought over a toy to make trouble. Stereotypes side coax his wife says: "They are accustomed to wild child, how can you and others grab things?" Comments: Many parents take their children out to play, often told: Do not rush, and others. Because they want an educated parents hope their children do not try to steal; In addition, if the other bigger in size, their children may lose the broader picture, the parents already understand this. In fact, the children scramble among it really so terrible? It may not. Know how to scramble an instinct of human nature, the key is how to guide us. Can try to tell the child, may wish to fight their own back, like the wish to fight for their own, but can not justify the means. If children do not have even the instinct of competition for even the competition for the courage not, grow up, face the competition, who would help him fight it? Early Learning Error 2: too much about the child's behavior Story: A friend's wife, for the convenience of watering plants on a roof, and she pitched in the tower next to a five-inch tall small wooden bench, every day she stood in the wooden stool water. Once, she had just put on the bench ready to water the flowers, Sheung Shui, they found that 4-year-old daughter to play long climb up the stool, which can be frightened by his mother: "wow, kids are down!" Comments: Chinese-style education that parents everywhere care, worried about their children a little injured, resulting in fragile child, always face difficulties in frustration, this will certainly affect the child's growth. If you can not even climb up a low stool so that the initiative is not to her, then what are jittery after her. Early Learning Error 3: self-righteous good intentions of the "lies" Story: After eating dinner, sitting in front of the computer XU Yong, the sales plan for tomorrow is how to do it and worry about, the phone rang, just in kindergarten daughter speakerphone button is pressed: "Xu Yong you?" "Uncle I Beibei. "" Beibei, your dad at home? our San Queyi and told him to come soon. "Beibei just about to call my dad, his wife see the frown of Xu Yong, back to the saying: "I'm sorry Yeah, Xu Yong moment a little something to go out." Comments: adults often inadvertently lie, for example, and colleagues through the phone, clearly is at home with his kids, but to tell each other what is being written, as is not to disturb each other ... ... adults are sometimes well-intentioned lie, but not think of the children left a mark on my heart, that he lied when adults are qualified to put on a "you can not" attitude. Early Learning error 4: too much emphasis on "winning" concept Story: On Sunday morning, Xu Hang, and a 3 year old son under the checkers, although Xu Hang just accompany his son to play, pure entertainment, but what comparable to adult children's thinking? Xu Hang casual move, so that victory is a foregone conclusion. At this time, his son may be happy, and that little guy Distressed, Xu Hang to collect myself: "oh, I should be put under the wrong here." With his undo, once the war situation changed, my son again smile. Comments: In the game each time the children are the most exciting is often not the children but their parents, they will participate in the game between children and their children, for example, to help them abused and lead to ideas to help them to remind them of the correct answer ... ... In fact, parents emphasized the concept of winning or losing, it is easy for a child in a situation of not being lost, grow complacent mood, too heavy to see the success, so that psychology has become fragile. Early Learning error 5: the fear of a child to your request Story: Zhao Jinhua not afraid of anything, afraid to go with a 5-year-old son, water and soil, because the child saw a dazzling array of toys will be happy to dance, while fancy car for a while want to buy a Teletubbies. Can not meet the requirements to cry and kick, so that parents could do nothing. Comments: 4 year old child has begun to learn to take the initiative to make demands with their parents, and even a variety of ways to get approved. Therefore, some parents afraid their children demands, because they do not know how to refuse, or what to do to best of both worlds. Because children at this age already have their own ideas and opinions, so when his request, we may wish to listen to their ideas, and they develop a plan, such as the conditions are met, to meet his demands, so that children particularly when the desire to meet the treasure. Early Learning error 6: doing housework to pay Story: Today is the birthday of Grandma Tingting, early in the morning on the busy open house. Ten o'clock, the guests one after another, the mother side of the busy tea, while the guests to wash fruit Tingting ordered. Always to the parents "long face" of Tingting this has not behaved as before. Until her mother said: "Go, wash a five cents." She cheerfully went. Comments: If a 6-year-old children want to help you do chores such as sweeping, wiping tables, water the flowers, etc., you should be commended him this performance, but do not say: "You do this every day, my mother more than a week pocket money for you 10 yuan. "lure of the method or use substances:" Boy, will their own chopsticks end to the kitchen, I'll eat a cup of ice cream! "because in the final analysis, material rewards can not help kids to establish helpful , love of labor character. Early Learning error 7: an immediate desire to meet the child Story: the early morning, my mother entered the room: "Get up, Bingbing. Fast clothes." Then, my mother picked up a green dress. "No, I'm wearing that yellow." "Well, well, wearing yellow." "Bing-bing, wear shoes." "I do not wear, to a pair of shining." "Well, well, wear light shoes. "" Sunday to see Grandpa, will you? "" No, I'm going to Children's Paradise. "" Well, well, to children's park. "... ... Comments: The kids want, give nothing; more the wind blows a lot of parents on their children to understand their aspirations, and immediately give one hundred percent satisfaction. As everyone knows, this will make the child from childhood to lose a sense of desire and pursuit, not to understand that true happiness can be secured only through the efforts. So, if a child's desire to reveal, not even before revealing to do everything possible to be met, it will make your child lose the magic and charm of childhood. Early Learning Error 8: "active" to help him right from wrong Story: Liu Jun's son and a brother in the play, his wife is out of the family is only an apple, and to whom to eat? Mean by Liu Jun, little brother, both passenger and off than son, which should give a small apple brother. But this is the conventional thinking adults, can not think of any more appropriate solution. May be surprising is the son of Liu Jun said, the apple in half, I want less than half of children, the younger brother to most of the. It is really surprise for all adults. Comments: The initiative to help children right from wrong, it sounds like a good thing. Think about it, so you take the initiative to help children distinguish right from wrong, across the threshold of a number of setbacks, has unwittingly impose their own thinking in their children, and this will only tied his own thinking. Early Learning Error 9: at liberty to reveal the child's privacy Story: Xu Lei and neighbors neighbors chat, mothers said their children were the joy of anecdote. Xu Lei also inadvertently said: "O my Jia Jia, both 7 years old, but also to our room a few days before 'the flood'." This thing kids tease Allison became the handle, so long Jia Jia time depressed. Comments: If you talk privately with your neighbors 5 year old son to sleep at night is also inseparable from the pacifier, the children learned of self-esteem will be greatly harmed; if the father is telling his 8-year-old acquaintance in front of children still wet the bed, this Jieduan behavior son lost his father also make a good impression and trust. Everyone, even if he is completely a child, but also need to have his private domain, even if his parents are not at liberty to interfere. Therefore, a child psychologist noted that one aspect of a child is involved or the privacy of their personal private matter, adults should be respected, do not strangers Jieduan. Early Learning Error 10: a compromise on the table were Story: "dinner myself!" Heard the voice of her mother, consider coming from their room ran out, I saw a green pepper and shredded pork and tomato egg soup to Jueqi of the tongue: "is this, I do not eat . "" Do you drink milk it. "" No, I want rice. "" Well, well, I'll go buy you. " Comments: do not eat this dish, that dish does not taste together, the children always picking on the food, but you have obedience: fish too fishy to change to eat Pork; vegetables to eat, to change the fruit; eat hamburgers , French fries, go to fast food restaurants. Over time, the children find out about your mental, one is not agreeable to their jobs a push Shuaqi Lai Lai, drama intensified on the table. The basic law of the child eating right are: to the children what to eat, when to eat and how to eat, the parents decided; and whether the child eat and how much to eat from the kids to decide.