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Children need early education masculine, Qin Ziyuan "rent" to male teachers
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We all know, in the Qin Ziyuan industry are generally female teachers, the number of male teachers is too low. Some people say, Qin Ziyuan no male teachers, children grow up to lack the masculine. Therefore, some thought the move Qin Ziyuan children, actually "rent" to a male teacher to the children some of the large amount of exercise classes, comprehensive development of children. Inchcape early childhood infants and child-care experts to join the brand Korean teacher is a mother, she told reporters that the lack of male teachers is a worldwide problem, China in particular. Qin Ziyuan boys in general not used to do in these girls, so hundreds of infants and the kit's center more than a thousand teachers, male teachers are not even one percent of the to. Qin Ziyuan see in a press, a Qin Ziyuan activity classes, a male teacher is to teach children to climb the slide, the children can choose 45 degrees along the stairs, you can climb a rope, made of iron bars, "Ladder . " Under the command of the male teacher, the children are no longer afraid as usual, but a bold challenge to become a little difficult to warriors. And there is no suspense, the male teacher has become the idol of the children. Later, reporters learned that the male teacher is actually "rent" to the. Inchcape Direct infants and director of the Center Jianwen Zan said the teacher, female teacher has many advantages, but in kids sports, or some more difficult moves, it can not and has some force. Lack of male teachers pro-child garden, like a man calcium deficiency. Male teachers in shaping the personality of child health, strong and brave character, and the diverse ways of thinking, is very important. Today's children with a raised mostly by women, children park in the pro-contact and both are female teachers in boys less and less masculine. To the teachers pro-child park adds masculinity without delay. Since there is no male teachers, some of Qin Ziyuan course, have to think of other ways. First move, not hire; longer be "borrowing", no place to borrow; can not have, but only "the sharing of resources." At this time, some of the only male teacher early education institutions, or engaged in the education sector can now become a large part of the male teacher Qin Ziyuan competition for the object. Male teachers pro-child per week to park for two days, to the whole park large, medium and small rotation of all classes in some activity classes for children and the sun, the tall, handsome male teacher with a game. Male teachers can not only affect the child, but also affect the female teacher. A principal in the "rent" had male teachers found that outdoor activities on the class, female teachers teach from the original state of relatively weak, and slowly began to change into a forthright teaching with the state of masculinity, but even more kids like.