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Wang Tongxue
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Student full name: Wang Tongxue is in area: Suzhou. Suzhou new developed area
Learn unripe sexual distinction: Schoolboy age: 11
Course category: Elementary school or preschool education give class time: Zhou Yi goes to the school receiving after school to Zhou Wu, coach after teacher home has dinner exercise, late 8.3 parents will receive
Study subject: 5 grade maths, 5 grade Chinese, elementary school English
Student circumstance: Elementary school 5 grade
Coach time: 5 / 1 hour / second accept the price: 20-25
Ask for advice means: The child comes
Teacher sexual distinction: Be indifferent to major: Do not be restricted
Record of formal schooling: Without! Native place: Jiangsu
Disposition: Be indifferent to condition: Did not expire
Other requirement: Should go to the school receiving after school (auspicious street) , want to have dinner in teacher home, receive, dinner charge is discussed additionally

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