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Politics of the university entrance exam deletes 13 knowledge dot
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It is reported, ministry of Education allots " the plan that adjusts course of politics of high school thought to concern education content " already reached each middle school at present. Shift to an earlier date in the light of time of next year the university entrance exam, this plan deleted 13 knowledge in course of politics of the university entrance exam to nod, these intellectual dots are:

Tall one (part of economic common sense) : Concern in preface " economy " concept and " basic meaning of economy " knowledge summary is begged; In the first unit " social division of labor and manufacturing data are belonged to those who differ is possessory two conditions that are goods economy existence " and " the development of goods economy " two knowledge dot; In the 2nd unit " the main feature of capitalist market economy " content; In the 3rd unit " the enterprise presses property of management content, system of ownership, dimensions and constituent form, can differentiate for different type " content; In the 8th unit " the price that world market value is trade of the merchandise on world market, the money that is international commodity value is behaved " content.

Second year in high school (part of philosophical common sense) : In the first unit " correct ideology and action are subjective to be being accorded with objectively; Wrong ideology and action are subjective to deviating from objectively " content; In the 2nd unit " according to thing around consecutive historical connection, those who show fact of a few histories is causal; Content of analytic be related and all round the connection of other thing, the effect that the contemporary mankind activity that fixes eyes on to a few common people may produce makes judgement " content; In the 5th unit about " concept, judgement, inference is in the main effect in thinking " content and " combinative example, point out concept, judgement, inference the main effect in thinking " understanding requirement; In the 7th unit " ideal of human hunting society passed long course " content.

Tall 3 (part of political common sense) : In preface " the concentration that politics is economy is behaved; Politics is the relation between the class and fight; Core problem of politics is problem of national political power " content; In the first unit " handle the central relation with the place correctly " and " national function is to pass what national orgnaization will carry out " two knowledge dot; The content of political party and political system meaning is concerned in the 2nd unit; In the 3rd unit " the account that our country shows stage presence religion " content and " the account that analytic our country shows stage presence religion " understand a requirement.

Zhang Ande of director of Wuhan city staff room says, the content of check of the university entrance exam of next year politics won't exceed the headrope of a fishing net. Examinee should pay attention to education when for reference humanitarian accomplishment, pay close attention to the lasting effect sex of heat problem, namely some heat problem may be successive a few years of metropolis take an examination ofing, should cause take seriously.
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