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How to ask on-the-job teacher to make teaching in home?
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Peaceful wave city teachs appoint stipulate teacher of on-the-job middle and primary school cannot be done quite clearly paid the family education of property, so on-the-job teacher searchs harder, but the on-the-job and retired teacher with this family education center and outstanding share has long-term cooperation to concern. So thisFamily education centerCan find your satisfactory family education teacher to you. But the introductory expenses with if you need to ask on-the-job teacher to give the script for story telling of homework of your child take lessons after school family education center,need collection certain, every accept on-the-job teacher collection introduces fare 100 yuan, introductory charge is not returned, if be opposite the teacher is dissatisfactory, be in charge of changing freely, change the 2nd times will again collection introduction charge.

The undergraduate may not that has experience is poorer than on-the-job teacher! Ask broad parent to measure so!

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