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The autograph makes an appointment with family education introduction
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The autograph restricts the family education type that family education is effect of a kind of affirmatory family education. The parent can be signed with this center entrust a contract, the extracurricular study that lets this central full-fledged member be in charge of the child coachs, if achieve,anticipate the effect to be able to pay fee according to the contract, short of contract removes fee.

Normally the circumstance falls, this center needs first environment of habit of the study circumstance of probe child, study, state of mind, learning, below the circumstance that accords with in postulate, this center even according to " professional family education " the standard coachs to the student half month, if successful, can sign about.

Signing the cost that restricts family education is all family education compare among the type tall (but not be highest, it is on-the-job teacher type highestly) , 1.0-1.6 of half an year 10 thousand, annual 2.0-3.0 10 thousand, schoolteaching time basically is in term begins everyday in the evening, on the weekend, and long holiday.

Signing agreement object basically is to be aimed at first high school a few foundations not solid, method is unscientific, and the student that wants to rise very much, to itself very the student that learns wearily, this center does not give the autograph is made an appointment with.