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Collect fees about family education problem
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Net of peaceful wave family education is engaged in family education serving to have about 5 years, in 5 years, net of peaceful wave family education witnessed family education to serve the change of cost, as a whole charge of lustrum family education is done not have very substantially change. Controlled 2003, elementary school family education junior high school of 15 yuan of a hour 20 yuan first the 3 25-30 with high school a hour, charge of adult family education differs somewhat according to the requirement, the family education rate that rolls out to net of family education of peaceful 2008 today wave is: Elementary school 20-25 yuan / hour of 30-50/ of high school of hour of 25-30/ of hour junior high school but fundamental level still is maintained in elementary school 20 yuan of junior high school 25-30 of 25 yuan of high school on such level, so overall for, 5 years charge of time family education is done not have considerably had gone up, according to a month 4 every time two hours junior high school went up 40-80 or so yuan, far under prices go up generally, did not achieve compared with the level of in part of family education price of Shanghai Hangzhou.

Actually although family education charge is 10 tall still be low hourly 10 horary, I believe and the main attention that is not broad parent is nodded, be willing to give 20 money a hour asks a teacher to coach homework, not be to feel his petty gain is indifferent to, hope the child's achievement has however offer really, this ability is a key, in service course of 5 years, the parent that follows price of our dispute family education truly is very few and very few.

The teacher that we also hope we introduce can be brought to the achievement of broad child offer, can get on interest guiding to fragile course, let what wide authority grows pay get honest get one's own back.