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Professional family education introduces
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Professional tutor is a kind of tutor that comes out from the choose in numerous and outstanding tutor, its manage mode to be similar to common, outstanding tutor, but the education level of tutor however prep above is common, outstanding tutor, its teaching experience often also compares common, outstanding tutor much.

Professional tutor is different from intermediary family education, the biggest distinction depends on:

The first, professional tutor is the in-house tutor that belongs to this center, education process of the teacher is in charge of by this central overall design, the parent need not worry about;

The 2nd, professional tutor all by " interview -- > apply for -- > groom -- > assessment " and generation, its education standard is clear prep above is other family education type;

The 3rd, professional tutor is after assessment is eligible, must by institute, organization, perhaps be in an unit to assure, otherwise this center does not give sign the contract that recruit, once appear,this center pays the problem all law namely solve, pedagogic identity is accordingly reliable, the parent does not have trouble back at home;

The 4th, do not press small chronometer to expend, press cycle plan cost, tutor must defend the teaching job amount with be finished certain character inside a cycle, can avoid so " tutor doodle " phenomenal happening;

The 5th, make up a missed lesson the effect has safeguard, this center designed various education pattern in the light of different student situation, tutor needs to plan education the design to end before every cycle begins, need in schoolteaching process later prepare lessons seriously according to education plan, the parent is OK still use in education process " education is interactive folder " the education circumstance of overall control tutor, right tutor, or the view that this center offers him.