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Renown division classroom introduces
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Renown division classroom is by this central interior the teacher teachs " characteristic the bottom class in a kindergarten " , coach at the same time 1 - 6 students, it is to coach below the circumstance normally 2 - 3 students.

"Characteristic the bottom class in a kindergarten " be different from traditional a few people absolutely " coach class " , it is not just " lecture " problem, emphasize however depend on imparting to the child " study method " , " the method that ponders over a problem " , " study the life arrange as a whole " etc.

If you are the parent, once had signed up for a tradition for the child " coach class " , the conclusion that believes you is as follows basically:

1, the feeling does not go out have how many effect;

2, seem to do not have the effect, seem to have a bit effect again.

If you are a student, once had attended a convention personally " coach class " , the feeling that believes you may be such:

1, the person that attend class is really much, very lively;

2, the classroom that follows the school is about the same;

3, teacher lecture is very depressed, the person that tell was stranded, still saying is a division;

4, I do not miss a class, but family member must I go, do not have method;

5, I feel to be indifferent to, arrived anyway I go to time attend class (without definite idea) ;

6, other.

So, is the jumping-off place that the class coachs on the parent and student normally what kind of?

1, time of student after school is overmuch, if do not have a person to supervise and urge, conduct study without the person, the student may waste time, even student may " learn bad " , if went up to coach class, the parent " without trouble back at home " , to having the effect, say again later;

2, " coach class " the teacher is key middle school, since be the teacher of key middle school, lecture is not differred for certain, as to " education has specific aim " wait for a problem or filled to say again first;

3, other.

And this center thinks: Since be " outside school makes up a missed lesson " , so education must have specific aim, the inadequacy that must be aimed at the child undertakes checking leakage fill a vacancy, appear very easily otherwise " beautiful money beautiful time does not have the effect however " phenomenon.

Of this center " characteristic the bottom class in a kindergarten " besides in the light of the child inadequacy undertakes training besides, the key imparts to the child namely " study method " , " the method that ponders over a problem " , " those who study the life arrange as a whole " etc, all try freely for the first time listen, the student is satisfactory attend again formally coach. Specific seek advice to this center please.