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The distinction of of all kinds family education
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All tutor all need this center first on the net " free " sign up, reach this center in booked time next education department attends interview, interview basically is divided " quality interview " and " teaching ability checks " two kinds.

Quality interview basically is the figure temperament that is aimed at tutor, expression ability of experience of ability, teaching, reaction, play the quality such as heart of method, responsibility undertakes integrated assess; "Teaching ability checks " basically be to be aimed at the course knowledge of tutor to have a test, basically include education outline, paragraphic heavy difficulty to hold, the respect such as the skill of the design that the test of teaching method, education plans, lecture.

Through initial interview, this center determines the order and degree of tutor according to interview result, grade from arrive high low ordinal for: A, B, C, D, E5 level, among them A, B, C is the family education type that recommends mainly, if tutor did not follow this center to sign the contract that recruit, recommend only " intermediary family education " . The tutor of C level can continue to apply for " common tutor " , the tutor of B level can continue to apply for " outstanding tutor " , class A is other tutor can continue to apply for " professional tutor " . But the tutor that is which kinds of type without giving thought to, must be in institute, group from oneself appoint, student union, reach working unit to issue assure proof, still must pass in applying for a process " teaching ability is evaluated " (need not check at the teaching ability of interview) , this central ability signs the contract that recruit with its.

Will integratedly tell, the distinction of of all kinds tutor basically depends on: 1) administrative pattern is different; 2) teaching ability is different; 3) teaching experience is different.