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On-the-job teacher family education introduces
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Well-known, because the school holds the post of class teacher very familiar to teaching material, have teaching experience again, in student psychology, study the method coachs, the respect such as child learning analysis often also compares common undergraduate ambitious, because this is invited reasonably,on-the-job teacher also can satisfy his family education requirement.

To satisfy the requirement of this part parent, this center is special installed this column. Welcome each parent attention.

But because on-the-job teacher often is not merely,coach in the light of a child, coach at the same time however ten students, as a result at " attend to one thing and lose another " classroom phenomenon or cannot very good solve. Additionally the teacher does not come also is another apprehension of the parent.

This center thinks, the parent does not look blindly " fame " ask family education, tutor is honest, responsible just be best character. Accordingly, if invite on-the-job teacher, just the parent needs to consider the action that how allows on-the-job teacher comes out in the play on child body above all.

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