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Include month of family education introduction
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The family education that include a month presses lunar collection tuition namely, and other type family education often is according to the hour or class hour collects fees.

Include the requirement of lunar family education:

1, every lunar schoolteaching time is longer, during term begins be in every months at least 30 hours of above, long holiday is in every months at least 100 hours of above;

2, add this center senior member.

Wrap the characteristic of lunar family education:

1, press month of plan cost, not in a limited time give lessons;

2, collect fees lower;

3, the teacher often belongs to all-round model, can coach at the same time each division.

Include the corrupt practice of lunar family education:

1, make up a missed lesson efficiency is not tall, give lessons abrupt, schoolteaching process middling often does not have time concept;

2, all-round tutor is very little;

3, if be to be in between semester, criterion tutor often is opposite insufficient and very hard as a result of energy all course undertake preparing lessons, mere bureau be confined to answers doubt (because time is enough,grow holiday, this issue is OK and active solve)

Include the student that lunar family education suits:

1, study base is stronger, achievement is in medium slant on;

2, the key is to need to look for a teacher to help answer doubt;

3, if the long holiday such as winter vacation coachs time is more, also can consider type of this kinds of family education.

The education of the family education that include a month runs way:

1, can select intermediary kind, namely this center is in charge of recommending better tutor only, particular education procedure is mixed by the parent tutor basis real case of the student is particular talk things over;

2, the teaching in home that can choose common, outstanding, professional type, specific and OK consult " average teaching in home " , " outstanding family education " , " professional family education " specification.

3, but the family education that include a month cannot choose " bright division classroom " , " on-the-job teacher " type.

Education of the home that include a month expends a standard: Those who answer is a few less than be the same as the family education of kind of type to want, specific consult the office please: 66854477