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Wu Jiao member
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Teacher full name: teacher sexual distinction: Male
University / unit: Suzhou college age: 21
Now the identity: Reading a Master to give birth to teacher record of formal schooling: Master
Professional category: English is in an area: Suzhou city. Area of dark blue billow

The student information in ∷ ideal
;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to course: Elementary school Chinese, elementary school maths, elementary school English, first one first 2 Chinese, first first 2 English, first one dyad learns first, first one first 2 physics, first one first 2 chemistry, history of junior high school, first 3 Chinese, first 3 English, first three learn, first 3 physics, first 3 chemistry, psychology is taken an examination of to coach in
Comfortable teach an object: Student of junior high school, male schoolteaching time: Zhou Yi in the evening, zhou Er in the evening, zhou Si in the evening, zhou Wu in the evening, time interview
Good salary proposes a toast: 21 yuan- - 30 yuan
Schoolteaching area: Area of dark blue billow connects a telephone call: Seek advice from us please
Complement explains: Patience is attentive and serious responsible