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Register teacher note
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1. if you are not foreign nationality personage uses Chinese name please.
One: Use English or phoneticize increase difficulty of appellation of website staff member.
2: Use English name or phoneticize can let student produce bad impression.
3: Still need a staff member to ask real full name, increase workload.
2. fills in according to the facts the teacher is professional, conduce to retrieve.
3. fills in seriously graduation / read a college, all sorts of undesirable matters concerned that because information is disloyal,be like and cause, uniform proper motion assumes full responsibility.
4. fills in correctly to connect a telephone call and be updated immediately, convenient we contact you.
5. is inside his capacity limits, the choice can give lessons course and can give lessons area.
6. is sure to fill in please detailed specialty description.
One: Here is you are revealed to the ego of student! The first impression of student is a teacher register a data, detailed ego specialty description is the parent the beginning of good understanding.
2: If once had won what award, had gained the success with remarkable what, what excellent certificate and so on is sure to fill in please.
3: Have more detailed specialty description, can gain more family education opportunities.