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How to get more integral to examine student to contact means
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Net of peaceful wave family education implements integral system, so integral decided whether you can obtain more student information directly, examine more parents to contact means. Ease the pressure that intermediary of family education of high specified number expends to give advertisement the teacher, make the website achieves propagandist result at the same time, this station recommends the following kinds of means to obtain family education integral to everybody.
1: Recommend an user to register: Every recommend a classmate to register net of peaceful wave family education, want presentee to pass the network examine and verify of net of peaceful wave family education only, the person that recommend can obtain an integral. Recommend code: Http://nbjiajiao.com/register_tutorA.asp? Introducer= your enrollment user name (registering user name is not real full name, it is you are in what stand originally to land user name) . [Recommend]

2: Autograph changes integral: Want you to have onlyForum of peaceful wave university Forum of grain industry starlight Forum of Oriental hot line Forum of net of Chinese peaceful wave Forum of interconnection heaven and earth The user Id of forum of the any in forum and if often leaving a message, you exchange integral with respect to the individual character sign one's name that can use you. [Recommend]

Hair card volume is in 1000 stick a the following month to change 4 integral
Hair card volume changes 10 integral in a month of 1000-2000
Body of measure of other hair post seeks advice from online customer service
This kind exchanges integral beard to assure post of hair of a month not less than 10

3: Upload oneself identity data, we will give 4 integral.

4: Buy an integral 5 yuan of RMBs [do not recommend]

Specific item can contact online customer service to seek advice: Phone: 0574-66854477 QQ(does not add a good friend, click number to chat directly) : Connect family education network77101886