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Why was I registered in the website did not show?
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If you were registered in this station, and if showing your information downstage, do not repeat please register, main likelihood the following reasons:

The first, the information that you register not attestation, the attestation inside day works in two commonly after information is registered, concrete attestation result can send the mailbox that when registering, fills in, if did not pass attestation, log onto mailbox to examine please specific it is what reason was not passed, log onto tiring-room to undertake modification next, we will be new examine and verify.

The 2nd, it is information fills in incorrect, the means that did not agree according to the website fills in information. For instance official name fills in to learn into Chentong, did not fill in full name, the birthday on birthday and Id number is apparently incorrect should, the school did not fill in, etc. After among them partial information is registered, cannot revise, if because certain cannot be revised quite and cannot pass examine and verify quite leave a message to customer service please after offerring real data to be revised by customer service, pass, if register moment to did not fill in of mailbox number delete directly, do not do other processing.

Ask everybody to be treated carefully, the website is to be in condition of website of a kind of commonweal at present, the parent issues requirement, the teacher examines connection means is all and free, cherish the labor of website staff member please so, if you do not hope to fill,keep real data, do not want to register please, lest waste bilateral time.