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Integral service instruction
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Net of peaceful wave family education uses integral means to manage the connection means of specific student teacher to examine, there is enough integral below the account that wants you only, you yourself can examine relevant information, but this kind of means also has a corrupt practice, do not be clear that family education is received by other teacher namely, if examined an information that is received, of integral flower have bit of kid, how can you just use the waste that doesn't integral make best so?

If you take a fancy to a certain information, you have enough integral, contact customer service to put on record before use integral examines this information please, we will have a record to your integral, after waiting for you to examine information, had been contacted with the parent, give us a feedback, if succeeded, we congratulate you, we will return the integral that if do not have a success,you use this to still give you.

We will undertake modification to the system, undertake tagging to the condition of information, reduce everybody to waste integral likelihood, at the same time this also needs broad have integral friend cooperate, follow the condition of the specific teaching in home that our him feedback examines in time.