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Standard of officeholder invite applications for a job upgrades replacement is h
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A few days ago, be in Beijing on net of double high talent, two job announcements are seductive all the more: Development of Beijing economy technology faces global invite applications for a job first " the sea returns " officeholder; The Beijing country that just held water last year endowment appoint admit by examination publicly to the society first 30 official that have doctor, Master and bachelor's degree, ask the position of the doctor's degree faces the whole nation to admit by examination among them.

Release from information, sign up to be evaluated with qualification test, resume, written examination and interview, organization makes an on-the-spot investigation, medical is recruited to the decision, again auxiliary wait for contemporary talent to examine a tool with psychology checks and evaluating a center, all these formed strict choose program

■ officeholder of new position requirement is more comprehensive

With before manager of department of the office director in invite applications for a job, public relations, engineer waits " straight white " post is different, in the near future on the announcement of officeholder invite applications for a job of each government sector, you can discover a few " never had heard of it seems that " new position, resemble Beijing country endowment appoint the Master official that wants invite applications for a job, the investment that development of Beijing economy technology wants invite applications for a job serves an officer... you cannot judge these new position even is to which should be engaged in after all a job.

To this, development of Beijing economy technology expresses about chief, these new working station more ask practitioner has the capacity that coordinates integratedly, emphasize collaboration and group spirit, before the sort of " singles is fought alone " the characteristic that able person may not can get used to these new position. Take a development for, have 1382 into the enterprise that be stationed in at present, total investment exceeded 6 billion dollar, like general and Nuojiya, electric, combination benefit China, pine falls, the 500 strong companies of world such as 3 ocean invest here build a plant, the developing zone also begins because of enlarge area to undertake 2 times poineering; To applicant, here is a capacious internationalization platform undoubtedly, but whether the internationalization atmosphere that gets used to here, work efficiency, and the operation means of foreign enterprise, see integrated quality of the individual even, one paper diploma can not represent this.

Beijing country endowment appoint relevant controller is being accepted when interviewing, also express, besides the professional knowledge inside necessary domain and foreign language ability, public relations ability, harmonious ability, collaboration ability and service consciousness, need makes an on-the-spot investigation mainly. Resemble be engaged in company system designing such before look up sex works, be a kind of integrated ability completely to practitioner reflect.
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